Alfresco Dining Approval

Alfresco Dining Approval


The NSW Government is fast-tracking alfresco dining approval for licensed premises. An application for a fast-track process to extend the liquor license boundary and include a new outdoor dining space can be made by your food and beverage business if it is eligible. Now you can apply for a temporary alfresco dining approval for new types of land such as carparks and bowling greens. With this approval, the venue can make use of outdoor spaces such as footpaths, roads, and private or public lands. City staff may amend a permit at any time by making written notice to the permit holder. They do not have to consult with the permit holder before making these changes.

Eligibility for Alfresco Dining Approval

If you own an existing NSW food and beverage venue, such as a café, small bar, restaurant, or registered club, you can apply for a fast-track alfresco dining approval if you meet the following criteria.

  • Your cafe or restaurant does not currently trade outdoors, but it is possible to consider expanding into a space nearby to your business.
  • You already have an existing permit to trade outdoors and you want to expand your dining area.

How to apply for Alfresco Dining Approval

You may be eligible for the fast-track application process if you want to extend, establish, or modify an outdoor dining area. There are two ways to apply for this approval.

Outdoor dining on footpaths and roads

  • You will need to contact the local council to see if you can use their land for outdoor dining.
  • Your council will give you a ‘Liquor Licence Temporary Change of Boundaries – Footpaths and Roads’ form once approval is received.
  • Complete and send the form to your local council.
  • It takes the department 3 days on average to approve new liquor license applications.

Outdoor dining on other types of land

Bowling greens and carparks that are located near licensed premises are types of land that fall into the category of private or public land.

  • For outdoor dining in these areas, you must first have the landowner’s consent.
  • Then complete and send the Liquor license temporary change of boundaries form to Liquor and Gaming New South Whales.
  • The process of getting a liquor permit can take 10 days to approve.

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