Building Information Certificate

Building Information Certificate


A building information certificate is a document that certifies that a property has been well maintained. If you’re buying or selling a property and you’re concerned about any work that was done without appropriate council or private certifier approvals then you can apply for an information certificate. The certificate will prevent the local council from imposing regulatory action on the building for 7 years.

The regulatory agency could take any of the following actions

  • Altering, demolishing, or rebuilding.
  • Dealing with any encroachment by the building on land under the control of the council.

You can submit an application for a building information certificate via the Planning Portal of New South Whales.

Eligibility for building information certificate

  • Building information certificates can be requested by the property’s owner.
  • A Building information certificate can be requested by another person, but a property owner must consent to the issuance.
  • It can also be requested by the public authority that has notified the owner of its intention to apply for a certificate.

How to apply for building information certificate

  • Visit the website.
  • To log in using your Planning Portal account, enter your username and password or choose to log in with a Service NSW account.
  • Follow the steps to submit your application.

Payment process

For applicants to ePlanning’s Digital Services, the Department is developing payment functionality to allow users to pay all relevant fees online at the point of lodgement, So that you will be able to pay your fee through the ServiceNSW payment gateway regardless of which method you choose. But surcharge may incur which depends on your payment method.

The applicant will automatically receive an invoice after the application or certificate is accepted. The applicant has five days to pay the application fee. It will not impact your application’s processing time. The councils and private certifiers fees are different from these lodgement and assessment fees. Once the application for the certificate is received by Council, a designated time is set for Council to inspect the building.

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