Disability Parking Permit

Disability Parking Permit

Australian Disability Parking Permit

You can choose to apply for both a Mobility Parking Scheme permit and an Australian Disability Parking Permit when you apply for a parking permit in NSW, Australia. This permit is free of charge. The permit allows you to park in certain areas without paying or to park longer than normal.

Attaching Permits To Car

You must have to display both an Australian Disability Parking Permit and an NSW Mobility Parking Scheme permit to park legally in NSW. Put your NSW permit into the clear sleeve of the Australian Disability Parking Permit. Your permit should be prominently displayed on the vehicle’s left-hand side. So that the enforcement officers can easily and safely read it.

If you are not able to place it on the left side, consider placing it somewhere outside the vehicle where it is clearly visible. You need to make sure that the side marked ‘Display this side’ is visible at all times. The permit must not obstruct the driver’s view while driving. You can attach your permit to the windscreen using a suction cup or any other method you prefer.

Attaching Permit To Motorcycle

When driving, you must have your permit in plain view. Because If it’s not visible, you could be pulled over. The permit is designed to be permanently affixed to the vehicle. Your permit should only be fixed to the vehicle bearing the number plate it displays.

Additional Permit

You can get an additional permit if you have registered your vehicle under an open-style classification. This type of classification includes convertible vehicles, motorcycles, and motor tricycles. You can fix one permit permanently to the open-style vehicle and you can use the other permit as usual. You can apply for the permit yourself, but in most cases, it is easier to have a friend or family member apply on your behalf.

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