ERider Pass


The Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Harbour Tunnel are an integral part of the road network in Sydney, so the government of New South Wales offers a flat quarterly fee to motorcyclists for unlimited travel on those structures through ERider Pass. Your license plate number is matched to your ERider account, so there is no need to carry the tag. The application process for an ERider account is online. The E-Rider Toll Pass is a good idea for people who travel often by scooter.

Eligibility for ERider Pass

You must have a minimum balance on your ERider account to use other roads’ toll systems. The toll fees are automatically deducted from your account and when your account reaches a certain level, it will be automatically topped up by your chosen payment method.

What you need

  • You will need to provide your personal details and contact information.
  • You will need your vehicle license plate number.

How to apply for ERider Pass

  • Visit the website.
  • Accept all terms and conditions.
  • Fill in the necessary information.
  • Then enter your payment information.

It is recommended that you apply online if possible, but if you cannot apply online, then contact a service centre for further instructions.

More information

  • Tolls can be collected along any lane marked with the yellow and red large E or the red and white small e, so the riders should keep it mind.
  • ERider charges you a quarterly fee every 3 months, starting on the date your account was opened.
  • Your first quarter will be charged on a pro-rata basis.
  • If you cancel your subscription to ERider on or before the end of your first quarter as a subscriber, then you will not be refunded the pre-paid subscription fee.

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