Heavy vehicle offenses

Heavy vehicle offenses

Heavy vehicle laws

If you convict of heavy vehicle offenses, you may be subject to significant penalties. Driving a heavy vehicle above the speed limit or to weight beyond the limit increases the chances that you can face fines and receive demerit points. Because When you are driving a heavy vehicle, you are responsible not only for yourself and the vehicle but also for the public’s safety.

The goal of NSW’s heavy vehicle laws is to make roads safer. They promote safe driving and efficient management of heavy vehicles. Drivers and operators of heavy vehicles must comply with the Heavy Vehicle National Law. The National Heavy Vehicle Regulator provides guidelines and information about heavy vehicle law, demerit points, and penalties. The law imposes restrictions on the operation of heavy vehicles in the state.

Heavy vehicle offenses and penalties

Overweight heavy vehicle offenses

It is an offense to drive a heavy vehicle that is overloaded because an overloaded vehicle can

  • Destroy the infrastructure of roads
  • Increase difficulty in driving
  • Badly affect the safety of public

Over-dimension offenses

The driver of a heavy vehicle is subject to severe penalties if a vehicle is too tall or too long to drive on the road it is on. If you drive a heavy vehicle on a road that is not approved for heavy vehicles, you could cause an accident, obstructing the road, or damage the public amenity.

If you damage infrastructure by exceeding the weight of your, you can get –

  • A $2200 penalty notice
  • A $3700 fine which is the maximum fine
  • 6 demerit points

You will need to account for the damage caused by the accident, including the repair cost.

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