Hoon Offenses

Driving at excessive speeds and performing burnouts are examples of hoon offenses.

What are the hoon offenses?

Hoon offense is a term that describes driving behavior that is often considered dangerous and reckless. Under Australian law, a hoon offense is a serious offense that often leads to penalties. If you convict a hoon offense, you may face an immediate license suspension. Anti-hooning laws have been strengthened over time.

Types of hoon offenses

  • Extremely high-speed driving
  • Street racing
  • Making vehicle burnouts
  • Involvement in police chasing

Immediate license suspension

The police have the right to immediately give your license suspension if you commit hoon offense. You can not drive before the court determines the case. The suspension of your license will remain in effect until the charge is resolved by a court.

Vehicle sanctions

You can receive a vehicle sanction for committing a hoon offense. Impounding or confiscating cars is a common way to deal with people who are driving while intoxicated. Police will impound the vehicle if it is registered to a company. Police officers may immediately apply a vehicle sanction at the roadside.

Report a hoon offense

You can submit an anonymous report if you see hoon offenses to NSW Crime Stoppers.
You need to provide the following details

  • A short statement
  • The location and time of the hooning offense
  • Car number plate or registration

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