Learner License Renewal

Learner License Renewal

Learner driver’s license renewal

For learner license renewal, you will have to pass the Driver Knowledge Test again. You must also take a vision test and pay the Learner Licence Renewal application fees. You will still receive credit for any driving hours you record in your log book or app.

Your new license has a validity period of 5 years. You will have to take the Hazard Perception Test again if you have not passed the driving test within 15 months of the Hazard Perception test date.

Learner rider’s license renewal

The rider learner license is valid for one year. It is necessary to go through the same process you did when you first got your learner rider license to get it. You must renew your license within three months of its expiration.

Otherwise, you will have to undergo training if you live in a declared area and take the Rider Knowledge Test. To obtain your learner license renewal, you must pay the fee. Your learner license will last for another year.

Renewal of Provisional P1 and P2 licenses

If you are due to renew your P1 or P2 license, you do not need to take a knowledge or driving test. You will need to pass an eye test and/or provide a satisfactory medical report. And you must pay the provisional license fee when you apply for your license.

  • The validity of the P1 licenses ( red P’s ) is 18 months.
  • The validity of the P1 licenses ( green P’s) is 30 months.
  • The validity of the P2 licenses ( green P’s) is 36 months.

The time limit for passing the provisional P1 and P2 license stages is indefinite. You can renew your license as often as you need to. With a Basic or P1 or P2 license, you can renew your license online. It is important that your address details are up to date when you apply for your renewal.

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