Low cost housing options

Low cost housing

There are many reasons why renting a private rental home may be financially challenging. There are many low cost housing options for people who can’t spend as much on rent. Applying as early as possible is important to avoid long waiting lists. NSW Government offers low cost housing options for financially unstable people.

Social housing

Social housing is affordable and secure for those in need because it is within budget for those in need, who are looking for low cost housing options. It involves community housing, controlled by non-government social housing providers, and public housing, controlled by the Department of Communities & Justice.

Participating social housing providers will determine the priority eligibility of an application. They will complete this assessment only once and any participating social housing provider will accept this assessment. In New South Wales, there are currently long waiting periods for social low cost housing.

Affordable housing

Affordable housing offers greater access than social housing to people of a variety of incomes. Charities, not-for-profits, or community organizations often manage low cost housing in most instances. If your income doesn’t allow you to live in the area where you work or where you grew up, you might have to move into affordable housing. These housing schemes generally keep the rent price low so that you can comfortably afford to spend on other living costs.

Low cost housing for Torres Strait Islander Aboriginal people

The Aboriginal Housing Office establishes and maintains networks with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to ensure they have access to affordable, quality housing. The organization provides a range of services, including housing and crisis accommodation support.

The Department of Communities & Justice arranges low cost housing for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living in NSW. These properties are culturally appropriate and can be found throughout the state.

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