What to do in case of man overboard

If there happens man overboard, do not panic. Kick up a loud noise and notify the crew as soon as possible. Do not attempt to jump to rescue them unless you are a trained diver. This can put both of you in danger of being drowned. A procedure for rescuing a person who has fallen overboard must be part of any ship’s risk management plan.

If you fall overboard

When you fall overboard, climb back onto the vessel as quickly as possible to get out of the water. If you cannot get onto the vessel, hold on to any floating objects. Attempt to stay with the vessel, but swim to shore if it’s very close.

If your powerboat has a kill switch lanyard, you can use it to shut down the engine when you fall into the water. An automatic idle function and self-circling capability are present in some models of PWC. When you fall off the boat, it circles slowly so that you have a chance to get back on. Try to climb onto the stern of the boat.

If someone else falls overboard

If you see someone fall overboard

  • Slow down as soon as possible
  • Throw a lifejacket to the man overboard or the marker, it will help you find the person’s direction if you lose sight.
  • Inform all the nearby vessels
  • Try to keep eye on the overboard person, while your prepare to rescue him.
  • Power off the engine when rescuing the man overboard, because the propeller can crush him.

Reduce the risks of Man Overboard

  • Wearing a lifejacket can help you survive if you fall overboard.
  • Practice regularly with man overboard drills.
  • As the driver, you must avoid drugs and alcohol.
  • It’s recommended that passengers not exceed the alcohol legal limit while on board, because they can lose their senses and fall overboard.
  • Avoid riding on the bow of a motor vessel when it is underway. It can make you fall overboard.

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