Modified Vehicles For Disable People

Modified Vehicles

Types of Modified Vehicles

If you have a disability, then the chances of your driving or being transported in a vehicle are at an increased risk, confirming the need for modified vehicles.

  • The most convenient way to figure out how to get in and out is by modifying it for accessibility for those with or without a wheelchair.
  • Specialized aids, appliances, or hand controls may facilitate the driving experience of individuals with disabilities.
  • It’s designed to transport people in wheelchairs without lifting them.

Modifications Process

Consult With Occupational Therapist

First of all, it is recommended to schedule an appointment with a suitably qualified occupational therapist before having a vehicle modified. On-and-off-road training and assessments can be organized to respond to the needs of patients. They would be able to recommend vehicle modifications and equipment that might be suitable for your needs.

Find Qualified Modifier

It is advisable to speak with a Vehicle Safety Compliance Certification Scheme licensed certifier prior to any modification. They verify that all modifications are made safely and that they comply with any applicable road regulations. The National Disability Insurance Scheme provides information and a list of providers that provide vehicle modifications. People with an endorsed license may be eligible for funding.

Register Modified Vehicles

You must obtain a modified or non-standard vehicle certification before you can register the vehicle. It needs to be inspected to make sure it complies with road safety standards. So that it doesn’t pose a safety risk while being transported.

Affects on Licence

After you have had your disability modification, then you may need to take a driving test to keep your driver’s license. Sometimes your license will include a condition regarding vehicle modifications. For example, If you cannot freely rotate your head, you may need to have wing mirrors or a panoramic or fisheye mirror installed on both sides of your vehicle.

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