Notice of Valuation


You can lodge an objection against your Notice of Valuation by Valuer General if you are not satisfied with the description of land or property. You must lodge the objection within 60 days and the valuation notice will have a closing date printed on it, otherwise you need to provide them a reason for being late. The value of your land is not affected by factors such as your personal circumstances, council rates, and land tax liability.

The NSW Valuer General sets the standards and policies for the valuation system, which is used to determine property values in NSW and the valuations of all properties are determined on1st July every year.


  • An objection to a proposed land value valuation can be lodged by the landholder or someone else authorized by the landholder.
  • If a group petition files an objection to the notice of valuation then the objection is not accepted.

How to lodge against Notice of Valuation

  • Visit the website.
  • If you don’t have the registration key then register for an activation key which you will receive through email.
  • Type your activation key and property number into the box, and pick a valuing year from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on ‘Continue’.
  • Fill in the remaining information.
  • Attach all the compulsory documents.
  • Submit your objection.

More information about Notice of Valuation

  • Land value is the market value of your land alone. The value of your home and other structures and improvements are not included in the total value of your land.
  • Property information is information about the land, such as its address, description, and zoning.
  • You receive a three-year notice of valuation.
  • If you lodge an objection after 60 days then you must explain why your objection is late.
  • You must lodge separate objections for each land value or property if you want to lodge more than one objection.
  • With each change in the valuation details, the landowner will be issued a new Notice of Assessment.
  • When you jointly own or lease land or property, you must let the other landholders know you’re lodging an objection.

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