Penalty notice

Paying against a penalty notice

You will receive a penalty notice if you were speeding or running a red light. If you were the driver of the vehicle at the time of the offense, you can pay the fine in person or by post. The best way to avoid having to appear in court is to pay the fine by the due date on the notice which is usually the 21 days onwards the penalty notice was given to you. You can pay your fine online through the Service NSW app or you can use the Revenue NSW website.

Difficulty with payment

If you are unable to pay the full amount at a time, you may be able to pay it through installments. If you going through difficult times, you should try –

  • Apply to write off your debt
  • Ask for a payment plan
  • Ask for a 50% concession in the fine

Naming the responsible person

If you are not responsible for the offense in an incident and still you got the fine, you must transfer the fine to the person who was responsible for it. You have the time of 21 days only to transfer this.

Checking if you have a fine

They issue the notice within 28 days of the offense in most cases. To check if you have any outstanding fines, you can visit the Service NSW app.

Asking for a penalty notice review

You can ask for a review

  • If you think there is a mistake in issuing a penalty notice or if you believe the punishment is too harsh, you can ask for a review.
  • If there were such circumstances you were forced to make it.

You should try to make this request by the due date on your penalty reminder notice. If you mistakenly paid the fine then within 60 days of receiving notice, you must contact RevenueNSW.

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