Rentstart Move Assistance

Rentstart Move Assistance


You can apply for financial help through Rentstart Move Assistance to make transition from public to private rental market. The rentstart move program, run by the DCJ, provides low-income residents with a loan for up to 100% of their rent. You’ll get back all the money you borrowed at the end of your tenancy. It will only happen if there’s no claim made by the landlord or real estate agent.

To Qualify for Rentstart Move Assistance

  • Your net worth is less than $5000.
  • There is no property under your ownership.
  • The rental income from your private residence will not exceed 50% of your household’s total gross weekly income. Let say, if your household’s total gross weekly income is $400, the rent for your unit cannot be more than $200 per week.
  • You are a public housing tenant, or you share a home with someone who is a public housing tenant.

How to apply for Rentstart Move Assistance

Once you have found private accommodation, you can apply for rentstart move, no matter if you are still living in public housing. Once you have moved into your private rental unit, you no longer qualify for rentstart move assistance. Go to your local public housing office and apply for rentstart move assistance.

How is the bond paid?

The landlord or real estate agent must complete and sign rental bond lodgement. After completion, they need to send it to the Rental Bond Board. Once they receive the form, Rental Bond Board will electronically receive the DCJ Housing contribution. The DCJ Housing will hold stakes in the bond. You cannot transfer the bond between tenancies or into another person’s name when the DCJ Housing holds the stakes.

Your payments will be made every two weeks, on the same day each month on a 12 or 18 months plan. In rare instances, a 36 month payment plan may be available. The amount you will pay for rent will depend on how much of your income goes towards housing rent.

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