SMV Knowledge Test

SMV Knowledge Test

To apply for an SMV learner rider license, you must pass the computer-based, Special Mobility Vehicle Knowledge test. The SMV Knowledge test is similar to the one you take to obtain your learner’s driver’s license. An SMV learner rider license is issued to those who are certified to ride a three-wheeled SMV, such as a Nippi. The special condition on your license will now prohibit you from riding any type of vehicle other than an SMV.

You can apply directly for a learner rider license if you are an SMV learner rider. And You will not need to undergo any training as a pre-learner or a pre-provisional rider. You must pass the Special Mobility Test while applying for an SMV learner license no matter if you hold a driver or a rider license already.

Preparing For Test

You must read the Motorcycle Riders’ Handbook before you take the Knowledge Test. Because in this handbook, you will find all of the information you need to take the test. SMV riders and those with rider licenses have the same rules. You will be tested on your knowledge of road rules and road safety about the SMV rider license.

Practice the SMV Knowledge Test

You can improve your chances of passing the exam by reading the SMV Test practice questions. The questions in this question bank can be used to answer many different types of questions. Also, you can take the SMV Knowledge Practice Test to see if you are prepared to take the real test.

Booking Your Test

When you are ready to take the test you can book a time online or visit a service center. You will need the following things to apply

  • Your identity proof
  • Your medical report
  • Filled application for the license
  • Test Fees

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