Speeding offenses

What is a speeding offense?

When you drive faster than the speed limit, you are making a speeding violation. Increased speeds directly increase a person’s risk of having a crash, which can be more severe than usual. The more speed you add, the longer your vehicle is going to take to stop, making the crash more severe, increasing the possibility of death, and reducing the duration of the accident. The penalty for different speeding offenses depends on the severity of the offense. Penalties can include fines, license disqualification, and imprisonment.

Serious speeding offenses

Serious speeding charge offenders face heavy penalties. In cases of serious speeding offenses, the police can suspend your license for a period of time, or they may require you to complete a driver improvement course. The speed limit is 45km/h and if they caught you at a speed of more than 45km/h over the speed limit, they can issue you a license suspension.

Police officers have the right to seize your vehicle or confiscate its number plate during a traffic stop. These speeding offenses will incur demerit points on your record. If you reach or exceed your demerit point limit, you can face an additional suspension period. The penalties for exceeding the speed limits can be severe depending on your license category.

How speeding is detected

You may have been caught speeding by

  • mobile speed cameras
  • fixed speed cameras
  • police officers

When you’re caught speeding by a fixed or mobile speed camera, the camera displays the information regarding your vehicle (color, type, and number plate). The picture from the camera will show the offense’s time, the offense, the date of the offense, the direction of travel of the offending vehicle’s location details of the camera that took the picture, and speed measurement. To meet the legislative requirements of mobile and fixed speed cameras, Transport for NSW conducts regular testing.

Speeding offenses for learners and provisional licenses

If you hold a learner’s or provisional license, you’ll receive at least 4 demerit points for any speeding violation.

Learners and P1 license holders

These will receive at least three months of suspension or a fine for any speeding offense.

Provisional P2 license

If a driver holds a provisional P2 license and is caught speeding 30 km or more over the speed limit, he or she must stay on the license for an additional six months.

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