Strata parking rules NSW everything there is to know!

Strata parking

Where Residents Can Park

Residents have been allocated specific parking spaces in Strata parking. So they cannot use parking for visiting vehicles or emergency vehicles. Also, residents should make sure that their lot entitlement includes car parking.

Applying for Strata Parking Space

You can apply for a common property rights by-law allowing you to park on the common property if no parking spaces are allocated.

  • The owner needs to contact the strata manager or secretary of the owners corporation for permission to use part of the common property.
  • The by-law should define the role and responsibilities of the owners corporation or the owner who seeks to use the common property.
  • The owners corporation must get written consent from each owner receiving a special right or privilege.
  • To implement the common property rights by-law, the owners corporation will need to vote through a special resolution.

Where Visitors Can Park

Strata parking should contain to indicate which parking spaces are available for visitors. Parking signs may indicate how long visitors can park in a space. Because Strata schemes are privately owned real estate. If they cannot find a place to park nearby, then visitors need to park elsewhere.

What the Owners Corporation Can Do

The owners corporation can control access to parking of common property by using signage, key card systems, security guards, and parking barriers. They can move a vehicle if they believe it has been left on common property because it is private property. If an owner violates any of the by-laws pertaining to parking, then he or she may be subject to a fine.

Strata Parking Fines

Strata schemes sometimes hire local councils to enforce parking regulations. So the council can issue parking fines as they do on public streets. You may be able to dispute a council-issued fine if you don’t agree by contacting the council directly. Owners corporations do not have the right to issue parking fines themselves but they can hire local councils for it.

Commonly asked Questions

Why do we need strata parking rules in NSW?

To ensure that everyone gets a fair shot at finding a parking spot, otherwise there would be chaos in the car park! Plus, we don’t want our neighbours stealing our spot, do we?

Can I park anywhere I want in a strata scheme?

Unless you want to get on the bad side of your neighbours, I wouldn’t recommend it. Stick to your designated parking spot or risk facing the wrath of the owners’ corporation.

Can I park my helicopter in the strata scheme car park?

Unless you’re Tony Stark, I’m afraid not. Sorry to burst your superhero bubble.

Can I use my neighbour’s parking spot if they’re not using it?

Absolutely not! That’s like taking a bite out of someone else’s sandwich just because they’re not eating it at that moment. Not cool, bro.

Can I trade my parking spot with my neighbour?

As tempting as it may be to swap your tiny spot for your neighbour’s spacious spot, you need to check with the owners’ corporation first. They’re like the parking police and they’ll be the ones enforcing the rules.

What happens if I forget to display my parking permit?

You may get slapped with a fine or a penalty, but you’ll also get the pleasure of being the talk of the strata scheme water cooler. Don’t be that person.

Can I park my giant unicorn floaty in the car park?

Sorry, but unless you’re living in a fantasy world, that’s not going to fly. Stick to your regular vehicle or prepare for a confrontation with the owners’ corporation.

Can I park my car sideways to take up two spots?

Oh, you’re one of those people. No, you cannot park sideways and hog two spots. That’s just plain selfish and inconsiderate.

How can I make sure I’m complying with strata parking rules?

Just remember to park in your designated spot, be mindful of others, and follow the rules. It’s not rocket science, folks.

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