What is Tell Them From Me Survey

Tell Them From Me Survey

The suite of surveys, known as the Tell Them From Me Survey, is used to measure student engagement and well-being. Schools can collect data from students, parents, and teachers to identify strengths and areas for improvement using Tell Them From Me surveys. The department has a contract with The Learning Bar to administer the surveys to NSW government schools. There is no cost to schools for using this resource. Schools can conduct the surveys during two separate periods each year which is starting in Term 1 and ending in Term 3.

Tell Them From Me Student Survey

The Tell Them From Me student survey offers school leaders a way to gather insights from students about how they are feeling, what they enjoy doing and how they would rate the quality of their school’s teaching. It provides schools with ample opportunity to get to know their students better.


The learning bar asks schools to survey their students during the first annual survey window, which begins in Term 1. If a school does not receive enough responses during the first survey window, it may choose to re-ask its students a second time. The results of most schools are available within three days of closing the Tell Them From Me survey. Starting in 2021, the department is requiring all eligible schools to participate in the Term 1 survey.

Which students can take the Tell Them From Me survey?

This program requires every student in grades 4 to 6 and 7 to 12 to participate. As the number of students who complete the survey increases, the more accurate the data will be. In order to make the survey accessible to students, the department is working to make some changes. The Tell Them From Me student survey meets the accessibility guidelines set by WCAG 2.0. Teachers can access implementation guides to help students with low literacy. For students who need it, there are text-to-voice options available.

How does the Tell Them From Me survey work?

The learning bar conducts the Tell Them From Me student survey online during specific survey windows at different times throughout the year. The survey will take students 15 to 20 minutes on average, and no more than 30 minutes. When students are not able to access personal devices, schools can provide access to their computers to allow students to complete the survey. The Learning Bar will provide schools with information and consent forms so that they can discuss the advantages and disadvantages of having a child participate in the Tell Them From Me student survey with parents. The learning bar will assign usernames and passwords to students prior to the start of the survey.

Custom questions

Schools can add their own questions to the optional second survey in Terms 3 and 4. To protect the privacy of students, school principals and their nominated staff are the only individuals who will receive the open-ended questionnaires.

Access to Tell Them From Me survey questions

Principals and school coordinators can view the survey questions on the Tell Them From Me portal by using their credentials. A survey form is available in PDF format for school use and the survey questions in this online activity are the intellectual property of The Learning Bar, and students may not alter or distribute the content beyond their school.

Tell Them From Me Teacher survey

The Tell Them From Me suite of surveys includes the Focus on teacher survey. The structure of the Tell Them From Me Teacher Survey is to provide school administrators and principals with an inside look at teacher satisfaction and morale from the teachers’ perspective.

About the teacher survey

The program aims to encourage all eligible schools to undertake the Tell Them From Me Teacher Survey. Teachers across all years in the school should participate in the survey. The anonymity of the teacher survey ensures the integrity of the survey results.

Benefits of the teacher survey

The design of the Tell Them From Me Teacher Survey is to provide school administrators and principals with an inside look at teacher satisfaction and morale from the teachers’ perspective. Schools can use the results of this survey to improve the school’s curriculum and teaching methods.

How does it work?

The teacher survey is a 15-minute online survey that takes place during a specific time frame each year. Teachers will be able to access the survey at any time convenient to them via their school or home computers. Teachers can also complete the survey online on a computer, tablet, or smartphone. School administration receives the data on their school within three business days of conducting the evaluation.

Ensuring Teacher anonymity

The usernames and passwords for school teachers to log into a survey will be randomly generated and will be anonymous. The responses to the Tell Them From Me Teacher Survey will not be linked to staff identification numbers. Data from school reporting tools is often suppressed when fewer than five responses are received.

Who will be able to see my school’s data?

Schools can view their own aggregated data. They are not able to see the teacher’s response. Tell Them From Me Researchers can access system-wide data on teachers and students to conduct analyses. The survey will not be able to capture open-ended custom questions that a school may add to the questionnaire. The name of any teacher will not be published. Even the school will be identified only if it has given its express permission. As with other data maintained by the Educational Leadership department, your school’s report may be viewed by your director, educational leadership staff, and other state officials. Using the data as a starting point, schools should engage in a community and stakeholder discussion.

Can I see the Tell Them From Me survey questions?

Once schools have formally committed to undertake the NSW Education Tell Them From Me Surveys, they will be able to access an online portal that allows them to view the survey questions. Participating schools can access the questions in PDF form. The Learning Bar is the copyright owner of the questions you are about to answer, and you must not reproduce or use them in any way other than that stipulated by the department.

Tell Them From Me Parent survey

The Tell Them From Me Parent Survey helps schools better understand the impact of their policies and programs on parents. The parent survey is voluntary and open to all parents in the schools. As a best practice, we encourage schools to build robust datasets by involving as many parents as possible.

Benefits for schools

The Tell Them From Me Parent Survey seeks parental views on the school, as well as their child’s learning at home. Improved communication between parents and staff, activities and practices at home, and parents’ views on the school’s support of learning can be used to make practical improvements.

How does it work?

To monitor changes over time, schools can use this as a one-time survey or a continuous survey. The Tell Them From Me Parent Survey is held in Term 3 and is run at the same time as the teacher and student surveys. The learning bar conducts this survey entirely online during a specific survey window on computers, tablets, or smartphones. Schools may consider offering computer accessors to parents. It will take approximately 15 minutes to complete the parent survey. Because students may have varied experiences at the school, parents with more than one child at the school may choose to complete the survey more than once.

How do parents access the survey?

In the Tell Them From Me Parent Survey, parents may access a questionnaire about their child’s school experience through a URL provided by the school. Schools will provide the links so parents do not need usernames or passwords to access the survey. Parents can complete a survey in 23 different community languages. Schools may provide parents with a chance to answer the survey online if parents are unable to access the internet at home.

How will schools receive their data?

School leaders typically receive the results of the school survey within three business days. After results are available, school leaders will be able to access a quick summary report of their school’s results and online tools to help them analyze and understand their data. State-wide averages show the school’s performance compared to other schools in the state.

Parent anonymity

It is important to create a unique URL for the survey so that it can be accessed only by students at the school. The school shares its unique web address with parents via email or text message. In cases where there are fewer than five responses to a question, the school reporting tool is suppressed. In other words, since you have to answer a question by five or more parents to be counted as a responder, schools only see responses to questions that have been answered by that amount of parents in the Tell Them From Me Parent survey.

How To Access and Use Tell Them From Me Data

Accessing research and data

The learning bar presents the results of the Tell Them From Me surveys to schools in various ways. The Learning Bar provides a full set of results for each measure Tell Them From Me Survey. Additional reports are available on certain measures which align with departmental priorities.

The Tell Them From Me Portal

The Learning Bar provides results of its surveys to school leaders within three business days of the surveys closing. The Tell Them From Me portal allows you to access school results. Interpretation of results is aided by a variety of tools which includes:
Trend Report which enables measuring progress over time on a set of objectives.
This database contains charts that contain data that can be drilled down by specific groups.
A “one-click” report summarizing each school’s performance.

Scout reports

School leaders can access reports on the results of several keys Tell Them From Me measures by Scout. These data are updated after the end of the first annual survey window.

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