Temporary Housing

What is Temporary Housing

Temporary housing sites will provide temporary homes for people whose homes are flooded. NSW Government agencies, along with local government councils, are establishing these sites. This program will help ease the burden on people affected by the floods. You can register your interest in this program by visiting a recovery center or calling a service NSW.

Ongoing Accommodation

Depending on the circumstances, you may be eligible to stay in government-supported emergency housing until you are ready to move into permanent housing. If you need immediate or extended accommodation, or you don’t need a pod anymore, you can contact Service NSW.

Northern Rivers Temporary Housing Sites

In these short-term housing sites, modular homes and caravans will be grouped together. These sites will contain supporting infrastructure and amenities. Their size will differ depending on the size of the land and the availability of amenities. The temporary homes range from small studio apartments to 3-bedroom family units.

Temporary Housing Duration

Flood-affected people can use the temporary homes for up to 3 years. The time required will depend on the needs of the community. The pods are temporary accommodations for residents while they seek and settle back into permanent housing. This will give residents time to rebuild their homes, move, or find new homes.

Housing Allocation

To manage each site, the state government is partnering with local community housing providers to allocate available units. A community housing provider will contact people who have registered for housing. Residents must go through an assessment and eligibility process to be eligible for the program. Each village has its own set of criteria for temporary housing. All the site residents must sign an occupancy agreement before moving into the site.

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