Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing

Wakeboarding and Wakesurfing

Wakeboarding is when a person is pulled on a rope behind a powered vessel. They perform aerial activities by crossing the wake of the boat. Wakesurfing is when a wakesurfer trails behind a powered vessel, riding the vessel’s wake. They are not pulled from the vessel by a rope. To stay safe while wakeboarding and wakesurfing everyone should follow the specified rules.

Rules for wakeboarding and wakesurfing

For a wakeboarder or wakesurfer to stay safe he should follow these guidelines.

  • It is prohibited to use a rope to wakeboard or wakesurf unless the diver is at least 7 meters from the vessel’s stern.
  • If the driver has considered and reduced the risks involved in carbon monoxide emissions and has placed the propeller forward of the back of the hull.
  • Always wear a lifejacket while wakesurfing or wakeboarding.
  • Drivers should take care not to strike other vessels or coasts when passing through waters with high waves.

Safe speed

Always drive at a safe speed and be on the lookout for other vehicles when towing a person.

  • If you are aged 16 or under, you may not drive faster than 10 knots.
  • It is forbidden to drive at a speed greater than 60 knots when towing a person aged under 18.
  • When someone aged under 18 is on board, you must not drive faster than 60 knots.

Always return a person to shore slowly and carefully. A ‘fling finish’ or ‘whip turn’ can be dangerous if done too fast. It is especially hazardous for inexperienced swimmers. These accidents have resulted in injuries and deaths. It is necessary for both the driver and the person being towed to be skilled and experienced. It is best to stop the vessel if it is safe to do so and bring the person on board. The driver must avoid swabbing other vessels and the shore.

Safe distance

The driver is responsible for keeping the towed person at a minimum distance of

  • 60 meters from people in the water, including swimmers and surfers
  • 30m from the shoreline, other vessels, and any obstacles
  • 60m from the swimming areas and surf zones boundaries

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