What to Pack in Your Child’s Bag for Child Care

It is important to pack the necessary items for your child in their bag for child care. Here are some suggestions for what to include:

  1. Diapers and wipes: Pack enough diapers for the duration of your child’s stay at child care, as well as a sufficient amount of wipes.
  2. Extra clothes: It is a good idea to pack a few extra outfits in case of accidents or spills. Be sure to include tops, bottoms, and socks.
  3. Food and snacks: Pack any food or snacks that your child may need during their time at child care. This could include bottles or sippy cups for younger children, as well as lunch and snack items for older children.
  4. Sunscreen and bug spray: If your child will be spending time outdoors, be sure to pack sunscreen and bug spray to protect them from the sun and insects.
  5. Medications: If your child requires any medications, be sure to pack them in their bag and inform the child care staff of the necessary instructions.
  6. A comfort item: Pack a comfort item such as a stuffed animal or blanket for your child to use during their time at child care. This can help them feel more at ease in a new environment.
  7. A change of shoes: If your child will be participating in outdoor activities, it is a good idea to pack a change of shoes in case their shoes get dirty or wet.

It is also important to label all of your child’s items with their name to avoid any confusion or mix-ups. By packing these necessary items, you can ensure that your child has everything they need for a comfortable and enjoyable time at child care.

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